Wedding Videography in Derby Cost

Just be honest for this moment and confess: Aren’t the expenses piling up for your wedding? After all, it’s a big day for you, and you don’t want to compromise with your wedding dress or food just to cut down the costs. Yes, it feels overwhelming to track so much outlay, which brings you to a dilemma of whether to spend on the best professional for wedding videography in Derby.

We suggest learning about the costs of wedding videography. It may help you make an informed decision! We have broken down some points here:

Average costs for wedding videography in Derby

The charges of wedding videographers have risen a little for 2022 and 2023. But here’s the good news you can have options for our wedding videography according to your budget, like from our packages. We offer two packages of £1250 and £1750.

Statistics show “Professional videographers were used by 30% of couples with 8% DIY.”

And the average cost of wedding videography is around £1500, even if you choose a basic package from a reputable and experienced videographer. But there are always loads of factors that determines a videographer’s value. So consider the following variables and ask your videographer the essential questions to get a sense of their worth.


Some areas cost more to hire a professional wedding videographer. For instance, if you find the average charge for wedding videography in Derby is nearly £1500, it will tend to be £2500 in London. In short, your wedding venue plays a great role in deciding the expenses for wedding videography. Moreover, the reputation and experience of the videographer also influence the charges here.

Time and quality:

The more time wedding videographers spend on your big day, the higher they will charge. And an extensive edit will accrue more man-hours and a hire cost. A quick edit is sloppy and unoriginal so you’ll want someone who really takes the time to do it right. That comes at a higher cost. To see some examples of my original videography and edits lease check out my portfolio of happy couples.

Basic or premium package:

In most cases, you will find two wedding videography packages- basic and premium. The basic package usually covers from prep to shortly after the first dance, the highlight video, and some parts of the ceremony with editing. And the premium package comes with a full showcase with multi-camera coverage for the ceremony and speech.

Bottom Line

Hiring a professional videographer and choosing packages for wedding videography in Derby depends on your budget. So make an informed decision after depth-in research! Take time and choose the best one.

However, you can contact me, Ellyn, while looking for a reputable wedding videographer!

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