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Wedding Video Costs, A Complete Breakdown

With the rise of wedding video content on social media sites, it’s no wonder why couples hire professional wedding videographers for their special days! In fact, one regret most couples have after their wedding is not hiring a wedding videographer. And that is why hiring a professional wedding videographer to capture some precious moments is necessary. But we need to know how much a wedding video costs?

There are a number of things that can influence the wedding video cost! Some are obvious, and others are less. So, explore the following blog post for a cost guide.

1.   The Wedding Videographer’s Experience 

The first factor determining the cost of wedding videography is the skill and expertise of the videographers. You want to hire a videographer that has enough experience capturing videos of the wedding because they have a clear idea of how much to charge, they won’t screw up on the day and the end product will be a better quality compared to that of a newbie. Here’s a little article I wrote about hiring an amateur videographer.

How much they charge is based on their years of experience, the type of equipment they will use and how many cameras they need.

In my case I charge between £1250 and £1750. I have 6 years experience filming weddings, 10 years filming in general. I use exceptional equipment and edit a lot. My prices are very very fair compared to other videographers with a similar offering. I like to say I turn a profit but I don’t take the piss. The kind of couples I want to work with want their wedding filmed well but don’t want to have to re-mortgage their home to afford it.

2.   The Wedding Video Package you choose 

Typical wedding video cost also depends on the wedding video package you choose.

Of course, you are spending money on wedding videography for an overall number of hours of coverage. However, post-production video editing is a lot more time-consuming than you think.

Some videographers offer packages that include videos with licensed music so you can post them on social media without copyright issues. Others can also give you the raw footage of wedding videos for personal use. So, read your agreement thoroughly before choosing any package.  

3.   Where your Wedding Video is Taking Place.

Wedding video costs will change based on the location where you want to get married.

So, the location of your wedding is a deciding factor that influences the cost. Recently, over half of all couples in the UK want an international destination wedding! If you also want the same, expect to pay more. Make sure you ask your wedding videographer what their policy is. For us we charge £300  for all venues that are over 100 miles from NG31. This is so I can get a hotel the night before and night of the wedding. I stay 2 nights so there is no risk of me running late on the day and after 16+hr day, I can’t drive home for safety reasons. I also charge £500 for any London weddings. I need the same 2 nights in a hotel, I need to drive down because of the amount of equipment use which means plenty of parking, congestion charges, etc.

Wrapping Up! 

Wedding videos, including the vows, first kiss and toasts, could be passed on for generations. So, hiring a professional videographer to capture a priceless memory of your big day is worth the money. You can contact us to hire our expert wedding videographer for your special day. For more updates, follow us on Facebook.

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