5 Wedding Tips That Will Make Your Wedding Look Amazing


5 Wedding Tips That Will Make Your Wedding Look Amazing

Your wedding will look stunning regardless but if you follow these really simple wedding tips your photos and video will look even better. These 5 really simple adjustments will make your wedding videographer worship the ground you walk on because they will make a massive impact. Coming from someone who has filmed hundreds of wedding films, there are lots of little things that could make your footage look a bit wonky and we don’t want that. So read these wedding tips and make sure your photos and videos are as dazzling as possible.
Videographer in Nottingham captures couple embracing on their wedding day


1. Plan to be available before sunset

You’ve heard the term ‘Golden Hour’, right? well it’s that bit of time before sunset when the light is warm and dreamy. Your skin looks better in the defused light and all the stressful bits of the day are over so you can enjoy your portraits more.  So when you are scheduling your wedding day   and schedule 30 minutes before to get some portraits done. Be sure to let your photographer and videographer know that this is the plan because traditionally they’ll get portraits after the family group shots. Or do both the post-family shot portraits and the pre-sunset portraits so you’ve got a variety of lighting.


2. Low and Slow

Hold your bouquet low. Like really low. Our natural instinct is to hold our elbows at 90 degrees but this makes it look like we are holding a microphone. It blocks the beautiful details of the dress and generally looks a bit off so remember to hold your flowers nice and low.

Slow refers to the speed you walk down the aisle.  I know you are excited to get to the alter but if you want that signature dreamy shallow depth of field look it can be a challenge keeping you in focus if you charge down the aisle. So choose a song that a low BPM (here a couple suggestions), tell your dad or whoever is walking you down the aisle to go at a snails pace and remember these wedding tips for when you and your partner are exiting too.


3. Get in your dress early

Bridesmaids walking in colourful wedding video
If you are an eager beaver like me you’ll have everything planned you’ll budget the 20 minutes before the ceremony for dressing, but if you rejig some things you can get so many more beautiful moments captured. If you are in your dress one hour before the ceremony you can get a reveal shot so you can see your dad’s or bridesmaid’s reactions, you can get some solo portraits, you can get those super trending walking shots with your ladies plus you’ll be ready to go when you get the green light.
Although it’s not going to start with out you, you’d hate to keep people waiting. I know I’d rather be 20 minutes early than 5 minutes late.  Wedding schedules often run overtime so always be conservative when you schedule all elements of your wedding day. Here is a video I made where Justine was ready early, did two reveals , some portraits, and still made it the ceremony early. An absolute legend.


4. Practice your smiley kisses

I’m sure this isn’t news but on your wedding day you’ll be expected to kiss a lot. A lot a lot. And a proper smooch looks a bit messy in photos and on video so in the lead up to your wedding you and your partner can practice the arduous task of smiley kissing. It’s just about having a big toothy smile, hovering in front of each others lips for a second then following through with a kiss. No tongues for the love of God. While I’m on the subject, keep it classy San Diego, no butt grabs, no boob glances, no R-rated whispers, the video camera (and microphones) catch everything.


5.  Plan something for after the first dance

Kissing couple during sparkler send off at their barn weddingFireworks at Kelmarsh Hall Wedding


If you don’t have anything else planned after the first dance the video will show the first dance, then some of the disco then end. It isn’t the most climactic of endings. Consider adding a special little event about an hour after the first dance to bring the film to a fabulous conclusion. This could be something light-related like fireworks,  sparklers, a laser show, or glow sticks on the dancefloor, all of which look cool on video and provides a beautiful crescendo to the film. Also an outfit change or a fancy car send off are great moments in the video too.
If these don’t sound very ‘you’ then might I suggest rallying your partner to sample all the evening foods, have a sneaky moment in a corner where you can eat some cake, hop in the photobooth, just have a couple moments together experiencing the reception and get it all filmed. That’s always cute too.

Summarising These Wedding Tips

With just a teentsy tiny bit of preparation you could take your wedding video from a 9 to a 10. But remember nothing looks better than a relaxed couple enjoying the day so don’t feel pressured to do anything that feels unnatural to you or something that will weigh on your mind. A skilled videographer will capture your wedding with authenticity and never include awkward or suboptimal shots.
If you liked the sound of some of these wedding tips there are lots more where that came from over on my blog. And if you are in the market for a wedding videographer look no further. I film weddings with lots of energy and ensure you and your guests are having the best time possible. why not check out my portfolio and packages 

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