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Hiya, I'm Ellyn

Based in Grantham Lincolnshire, I am lucky enough to film all sorts of Lincolnshire Wedding Videos. I get to film people on one of the happiest days of their lives. Bright and Beautiful Films focuses on making authentic and fun wedding videos that captures the experience of everyone present on your wedding day. It's true what they say, the day goes by so fast that you’ll be happy you hired someone to take full responsibility for the wedding film. But not just any old videographer will do. I am passionate about capturing your memories with profound authenticity and style. Your wedding will be amazing and it deserves a wedding video to match.

Now I hear you say "We already have a photographer. Do we really need a videographer too?" Photography is brilliant but it is a whole separate artform to video. Photography doesn't capture that crackle in your partner’s voice as they say their vows. It doesn’t catch every glimpse your dad gives you as you walk down the aisle. It doesn’t show just how intense your cousin got during the bouquet toss. And a special moment can be missed in a blink of an eye, but when you are filming at 50-100 frames per second we can pinpoint an exact moment and export it as a photo. That’s why having a wedding video expert there is so important.

Being a Lincolnshire Wedding Videographer means I will know your venue well. I won't get lost or not know where to park. Hiring a wedding videographer from outside the area just doesn't make sense. If you are curious about hiring someone to film your wedding video but you want to make sure we vibe well, we can chat online or we could meet in person if you want With me being local, we can do a site visit of your venue or you can even pop round to my home-studio to get a hands on view on my approach to editing wedding films.

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Let's watch some Lincolnshire wedding videos, shall we?

Here is a collection of some of my favourite wedding videos shot in Lincolnshire. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Our portfolio page has so man stunning weddings filmed in Lincolnshire and beyond!

Specialising in capturing your Lincolnshire Wedding Videos withprofound authenticity and style.

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How much does a

Nottingham wedding video cost?

The Showcase Package

Investment = £1250

  • 1 videographer
  • Coverage from prep to first dance
  • A 10-15 minute Feature film
  • A 3 minute Highlight video
  • A 1 minute Teaser
  • Licenced music

This package is a perfect stylised summery of the day. It will allow you relive all the best bits and hear the funniest and most sentimental soundbites from the ceremony and speeches

The Thorough Package

Investment = £1850

  • The Full Showcase Package
  • 2 videographers
  • Coverage from prep to first dance
  • Full multi-cam edit of the ceremony
  • Full multi-cam edit of the speeches
  • Licenced music

This package is perfect for anyone who wants as much coverage as possible. You and your partner will be rewatching the extensive footage for many many years to come.

The Social Media Package

Investment = £1000

  • 10x 60 second vertical videos of your choice. Perfect for Instagram or TikTok.
  • Each post will come with optimized post copy
  • A 1 hour planning session over zoom to determine exactly what you want out of this content
  • 1 videographer with you all day
  • Audio will be captured and music can be applied or you can add whatever in-app music you choose
  • Having a designated videographer who exclusively focuses on social media content means your Intagram or TikTok will have the best footage possible

The package is perfect for anyone who wants to tell the story of their wedding on social media with all their friends and followers

The Reflection Package

Investment = £1250

  • 1 videographer with you all day on the wedding day
  • A couple weeks later your videographer will film an interview with you reflecting on the day. This will be the video's voice over
  • The footage is very much like a documentttary and is perfect for the couple who wants to keep things as natural and authentic as possible
  • The final video ends up being about 10-15 minutes
  • Because this is a new format, it is offered at a lower rate. An extra level of trust is required but it'll be worth it, I promise.

This package is perfect for couples who want to tell the story of the day in a low-pressure way

Wedding Video

Keepsake Boxes

Afraid of losing the digital files? Your videos will be presented to you on an online portal for viewing, feedback and safe keeping but once you have signed off on the videos I can put everything on a USB and post you a lovely keepsake box for a small fee.

Why Does the Wedding Videographer Need to be from Lincolnshire?

Filming your Lincolnshire wedding video is precious, there are no take twos. That's why you need to trust someone who understands its weight. Someone who knows weddings like the back of her hand. Someone who films the wedding day with multi-generations of viewers in mind. Someone who appreciates timeless elegance, and loves a bit of razzle dazzle. Someone like me!!

If you are getting married in Lincolnshire it is crucial that you hire a Lincolnshire-based Wedding Videographer. You can rest assured that your video will turn out better if the videographer has shot at your venue before. They'll know the best spots to take you for portraits and they wont need to waste time figuring out where their camera's should be set up for the ceremony and speeches. Not only that, there is no risk of them getting lost or can't find parking. Trust me. It is so important to hire a wedding videographer who is from Lincolnshire!

Now I'm not originally from Lincolnshire. I'm Canadian but 10 years ago I mage Lincolnshire my home. I know it's a bit of a weird change to go from Toronto to Grantham, south Lincolnshire, but I was looking for a change, met some good people and started filming amazing weddings in the area and beyond. I met my husband, we had a baby, and bought the most charming house in Grantham. I'm not going anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions


A: We are proudly based in Grantham South Lincolnshire


A: Literally all over the UK but I love filming at venues in Lincolnshire because that is where I have the most experience.


A: Ellyn Hughes owns and operated Bright and Beautiful Films. 99% of the weddings we film will be captured by her. If you have a large wedding or want fuller coverage she'll bring a trusted assistant to get even more footage.


A: We have a huge network of trusted suppliers and a replacement will be sourced. Or if you'd rather, a full refund will be given. This is very very rare though. I filmed a wedding the day before I had my appendix removed.


A: Our packages range from £1250-£1850 and most couples can find a package that suits their needs but if you have something specific in mind I can create a bespoke package for you.

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