Wedding Film Production Company: What Do You Need To Know Beforehand?


From picking the best florists to booking a gorgeous venue – you’ll have to handle numerous things when it comes to planning your wedding. There’s one more essential consideration, and it revolves around hiring a wedding film production company.

To pick the right professional, you need to clarify many things beforehand. What are those? Let us mention it!

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The Wedding Film Production Style You Want


Before picking the right professional for the job, be clear about what you want. You need to be sure of exactly what outcome you’re looking for.

  • Do you want candid shots?

  • Want a video that looks natural or posed?

  • Do you want something out of the box?

  • Do you want to spend time getting super cinematic couple shots or would you rather spend 10 minutes then get back to the party?
  • Or do you want a some stylistic input i.e. retro-looking grainy footage, or black and white footage or trendy video transitions?

If you decide on the style and theme beforehand, it helps you choose the right person.

Beyond, if you have no idea or are confused, go online and explore.

Budget Considerations


Keep in mind that the cost of wedding photography and videography varies. It may not be equal to your friend who has chosen the same style of wedding film production. Location, number of hours you want to book, number of videographers, wedding theme, and number of videos will all affect the final calculation.

Do some research on Google and get an idea about the typical price ranges. We are a mid-range wedding film production company when it comes to our pricing and all of our prices are available here.

Based on this information, create a realistic budget. After that, start contacting professional wedding videographers. Having a budget in your mind will help you get the best deal. Remember, start looking for a wedding film production company WAY in advance. Like a year before the wedding if you really want a particular company. Otherwise its a game of luck whether or not they’ll be available.

How often should we be in contact with the wedding videographer?


It is the one crucial thing that most couples overlook and then regret. Besides from your spouse, you’ll spend the most time with your photographer or videographer so fingers crossed they aren’t a dud. You want them to be chummy with you both, sociable and respectful with your guests, understand the vibe you are going for and most importantly, understand boundaries. A good videographer has a 6th sense for when the camera is too close or when someone feels uncomfortable and they are able to adapt.

Talking to them is not a big deal when you are planning. But on the wedding day you’ll need to communicate concisely when times are tight and also be able to have a laugh with them when it’s just you and your bridesmaids getting ready in the morning.

Chat to them on the phone, or better yet a video call and see if you feel  you could spend practically your whole wedding day with them. If you like them and decide to book them to film your wedding, be sure to have a briefing call where you go over everything in detail  This way, you can avoid unwanted surprises or additional stress on your wedding day.

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Who from the Wedding Film Production Company Will Be Attending?

Every wedding film production company is different and depending on the scope of your wedding you might require several videographers. The more guest you have, the more events, outfit changes, or activities you have planned the more videographers are needed.

Say you like the idea of a ‘First Look’. They are lovely and heartfelt and allow you and your future spouse a minute of connection before the wedding takes place. However, people don’t think that there needs to be a camera showing the bride walking towards the groom, maybe a camera following her and getting a shot of the back of the dress. Then one camera on the groom’s reaction and probably a wide shot too. That’s 4 videographers to pull off that scene.

Personally I like to film documentary style. It’s just me and my camera. I’m stealthy, I hide in bushes, I get the shot and move on. If the couple want the ceremony and speeches in full that requires some safety angles to cover up any refocusing or main camera movements so I always bring an assistant with me on those shoots. But a minimal crew is my style. Other wedding film production companies would be happy to supply your wedding with a large crew.

Wrapping Up!

Are you looking for a wedding film production company in Nottingham, UK?

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