Trending Colour Combos To Know Before Making Colourful Wedding Videos!

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Sure you’ve got the dress, the photographer and videographer are booked and your dream venue is sitting there empty, waiting for you to make your mark on it. Nailing down a theme for your wedding is one of the trickiest tasks on the wedding to-do list. I don’t mean “An Evening in Paris” or “Rustic Whimsy” (though if that’s your jam, more power to you) I mean the colour scheme. the bridesmaids dressed, the flowers, the decore, the centrepieces. There is just so muchc to think about. Thank fully you have a videographer on your side who love a pop of colour. So let’s start a bit f research because the colour combos you choose will have a definite impact on the overall vibe of the day and will subsequently be reflected in the wedding videography and photography.


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To help get you started, we have mentioned some trending colour combinations that can create colourful wedding videos in Nottingham.

The Colour Combos To Make Your Wedding Videos Colourful


Nature-Lover: – Green + Ivory + Silver

Are you people called nature lovers? Then opt for soothing tones with an unexpected twist by adding shades of green with silver accents. You can also insert ivory blooms to add dimension to your overall décor.

These colours are really helpful for couples who want affordable marriage ceremonies. We can use the natural beauty and make an outstanding video. We filmed a wedding video this not too long ago now and you can really see the cohesive thought that went into their colour scheme.


Sunset Vibe: – Coral + Purple+ Yellow+ Cranberry

Want a glossy effect? Then this combination is for you! These saturated colours can add depth and create a warm atmosphere.

If you want a unique look, use jewel tones and insert clean lines for a cheerful bohemian palette. These also can help make colourful wedding videos in Nottingham within your budget.


Soft and Vintage Ambience: – Gold + Maroon + Rust

These unpredicted wedding theme colours will offer a dreamy and calm feeling. The neutral blue shades will perfectly balance out the lighter shades of pink. At the same time, the gold help create an old-world look. These pop colours will give your event an instant ethereal and vintage vibe. Here is a pic from Megan and Jon’s wedding  that captured this vibe perfectly. If you are interested their full wedding video is available on our Portfolio Page

Bridesmaids walking in colourful wedding video


Vibrant Boho Look: – Emerald + Lavender + Lapis Blue

Don’t you think this vibrant colour palette is perfect for couples who wish to see unexpected colours in their wedding venue decor? This combo also helps create outstanding wedding videos. Try combining these hues with crystals and flowers to add a more organic, eclectic and layered feel.


Sophisticated Touch: – Navy + Sage + Apricot + Greige

This event colour scheme will surely give your big day a calm yet sophisticated look. You can also use organic pops of sage and apricot as fruits and flowers in the centrepieces.


Wrapping Up!

To create colourful wedding videos in Nottingham, you need the most skilled videographers of this time. We aim to record the entire day of your wedding and ensure you miss nothing. Our team is efficient at making creative marriage ceremony videos that can become the most fabulous elements of your journey! So, visit our Facebook page to get every update!

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