Top 6 Wedding Cinematography Trends to Try Out in 2023-2024

All the wedding planning, your gorgeous outfit, and getting your makeup done seem pointless if you don’t have stunning videos of your big day. Over the years, wedding videography has witnessed significant changes. Nowadays, in the age of social media, most couples prefer having breath-taking bridal reels and destination shoots. And these are what make wedding cinematography entirely different. The most interesting thing is that many videographers in Derby are striving to bring innovation to their works. They leave no stone unturned to meet their client’s requirements.

Hence, to keep you well-informed, we have highlighted a list of some emerging videography trends for 2023-2024 weddings. Therefore, if your wedding is forthcoming, try out these latest trends for the videos.


A Few Trends in Wedding Cinematography


1. Compiled Wedding Highlights


From your family members to friends – everyone is keen on seeing all the madness happening on this special day. So, why not get a three-minute-long video compiled with wedding highlights? And that is what you can share with all your acquaintances. Gone are those days when people sat together to watch hours of wedding cinematography. That’s why both of our packages feature a short edit, perfect for social media. Here’s an example


The social media-friendly reels of wedding ceremonies have become the latest trend. Such videos are truly a creative way of sharing your special moment of the big day with the people who didn’t attend the event.

2. Realistic Video Edits


Nowadays, when it comes to wedding cinematography, the game has changed from beautiful video clips combined with music. The one trend we have noticed is realistic video edits infused with authentic sound and voice, along with superimposed music. It brings raw elements of celebration and emotion to the candid wedding film, which you will enjoy. Check some of our work samples to have a clear idea.

3. A Journalistic Style


We have also noticed a rise in couples who prefer wedding videos with a journalistic style. It refers to capturing the event simply as it happens and features people in their natural elements. It contrasts with the cinematic style that we are accustomed to. Many couples in Nottingham believe that videos with documentary-style shooting and editing are preferable, as long as it is captured with thought and great equipment!

4. Veil Shots


Brides always wait to be captured in some romantic pictures at their weddings. And you are definitely not an exception! You will look forward to some dreamy shoots. Right? However, veil shots have been popular for years, and you must try them.

Veils can be an incredible backdrop for detailed shots of weddings. It’s one of our favourite details to incorporate, especially if the veil has gorgeous details, such as lace and other beautiful textures. It truly looks stunning and reflects grace and elegance.

5. Interweaving Images with Videos


This technique can add more personality to your wedding film. A wedding video combined with steel photographs can refreshingly change the pace of it. The images of a bride getting ready are more emotional than a short wedding film. Therefore, if such images are interwoven into the wedding video appropriately, it can be hard for the viewers to distinguish between a film and a video. Most videographers nowadays are embracing this technique for filming a wedding.

6. Typography


You can also add interesting typography to your wedding videos. In this regard, many videographers use creative fonts at the beginning and the end of the video to make it more ornate. And that is what will give your videos an upscale and formal vibe, appropriate for weddings.

Filming a wedding is a holistic approach. You can’t plan everything or rehearse before your big day, which is why wedding videographers need to keep their eyes out for those moments. A new type of angle, moment, and approach can become a trend. And that is what we always follow. We aim to film the whole day with expert-level cinematography so you cannot miss a thing. So, contact us immediately!

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