Top 5 Poses for Wedding Videos


Have you ever googled “Poses for Wedding Videos” because you want to know what to do in front of the camera on your wedding day? If yes, you are definitely not alone!


Some couples don’t want any portrait type shots at all. But most couples say they do not want any unauthentic-looking or forced wedding video posing. Music to my ears. That is our specialty. While I don’t over engineer poses, there are some pieces of direction I like to give that help make your authentic setups feel a little elevated.


Unlike posing for photos, posing for wedding videos requires a bit of movement, disregarding the camera completely, and staying in the moment. If you don’t know what to do, stopping and looking at the camera makes the shot unusable so even if it feels weird, look into your partners eyes, give them a kiss and then stop for some extra direction or clarity.


I have no doubt you will look beautiful in your once-in-a-lifetime wedding video but let’s have a closer look at trending poses for wedding videos you might want to try.


Bride and groom doing  poses for wedding video

Try These Easy Poses for Wedding Video

1.     Face to Face

It is totally okay to avoid the traditional front-on pose! Turning your waist towards each other gives you several options. Kiss, sway a little, stroke your partner’s arm/waist/lapel. Plus looking into your partner’s eyes or passing a cheeky whisper might give you that extra confidence boost you need.

2.     Just Smile!

Trust me, a smile always works! When filming portraits there are often bits that don’t even feature your face or it might be out of focus. A smile on your face as you gaze off into the horizon is never a bad idea.

Another piece of direction I give is “10 slow-mo smiley kisses”. They look super cute and often bring the couple to laughter which always looks great and super natural.

3.     Standing Spoon

If the man stands behind his bride and holds her hips it provides so many great set ups. He can whisper sweet nothings in her ear, or kiss her neck. They can play “I Spy” to help them laugh a little. And even a simple move like the bride looking over her shoulder at the groom provides a really flattering shot of her décolletage. I’d go as far as to say this is a super sexy shot.

4.      Walking

Do not just stay rigid in front of the camera, as it can make your videos look robotic. Walking hand in hand, making smiley conversation is a good starting off point. If you want to take it to the next level you can try tapping each other’s hips or running through a field/garden


5.    Literally Nothing

The right videographer will be able to use the environment to make the portraits look interesting. This can be shooting from a unique angle, shooting through windows/reflections, utilising the shallow focus etc. If you are happy then the shot will look good.


That is the major takeaway really. Have fun, be yourselves and just trust that the videographer will capture you guys in the best way possible

Your wedding day is such an important moment of your life! Thus, happy expressions with a natural smile are a must while posing for your wedding video. Do not look at the camera. I repeat, do not look at the camera. Make your poses for wedding video as effortless and carefree as possible. have a drink or two. Not five…it’s not cute. Save those for later on.


An Example of Poses for Wedding Videos


Meet Mandy and Johnny. These guys were so lovely and their wedding was a real treat and they wanted really simple poses and I let the scenery do a lot of the heavy lifting. There was lots of standing and smiling at each other but it really really worked. A bit of swaying, a practice first dance, and couple smooches in different settings and BAM portrait shots are done.


Summarising Poses for Wedding Videos

While we don’t advise that you should follow our wedding video posing ideas blindly at your wedding reception, memorising some favourite pose ideas before your special day will surely help boost your confidence. Also, if you are looking for a reliable videographer to capture your wedding videos, you can count on us! For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook.

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