Romantic Wedding Videos



Romantic Wedding Videos Start When You Hire a Wedding Videographer Who Really Leans Into The Lovey-dovey Side of Your Big Day


Getting married with a kiss of love, in your beloved’s arms, looking at each other with passionate eyes, wearing designed dresses, sharing romantic moments: do not you want to save these memories? If yes, then come to us for professional-grade romantic wedding videos.


Now, many will come with different questions and doubts about this topic! We have come prepared to clean up all your confusion! So stick to our blog!


My quick sales pitch: Hi I’m Ellyn, I’m a wedding videographer based in the Midlands but I film weddings all over the UK. If you are looking to partner up with someone who will film your wedding with a whole lotta love get in touch.
Romantic wedding videos

Why Are Romantic Wedding Videos Important?


The wedding day is romantic and hectic at the same time. People forget to enjoy their valuable intimate time during the day while keeping other things in order. But professional wedding videography will help you freeze the time for the rest of your life.
Our well-trained and sincere wedding video specialists will ensure you spend quality time with each other without hampering the vibe! The things you can expect from our service are:


  • Flawless candid videos
  • An excellent way to enjoy this precious day repeatedly
  • A beautiful display of the bond and love between you and your better half


What to Do to Get It?

Even if you think this service will require an expensive amount, you should consider coming to us. We value our customers and their requirements. No project is too big or too small for us. We aim to capture the best shot most naturally! Even the bride and groom sometimes cannot understand that we are making videos of them. We also avail drone service if you want. So wisely choose our wedding packages!


Do They Last for Life?

Of course, YES! Videos from weddings, in recent times, have improved in quality and can get converted into many forms. So you should not worry about its longevity! Just keep the main copy safe! If you hire us, we provide a digital portal where you can view and download your videos as well as a physical usb with all the files so you can show off your wedding video for generations to come.


Wedding Videos are Mood Makers: Is It True?

Your live together will come with too many ups and downs, but being able to rewatch your romantic wedding video, being able to hear those vows again will help this commitment will help the two of you face everything the world has to throw at you. So, these videos will be the mood makers even years after your wedding! I guarantee, if you’ve had a bad day and you pop on the wedding videos you will feel so much better.  Here is an example of a romantic wedding video we filmed at The Pumping House in Nottinghamshire. Tell me, if this was you and your partner, could you stay in a bad mood?


Final Words!

Keep the romance on wedding days fresh with our beautifully made videos. These will allow you to relive precious memories even after many years of your wedding, strengthening your bond with your partner. So, contact us soon to book your schedule!

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