Romantic Wedding Videos


Getting married with a kiss of love, in your beloved’s arms, looking at each other with passionate eyes. Romantic moments like these are worthy of commemorating. That’s where we come in. Couples work with us so we can bundle up every moment into professional-grade romantic wedding videos.


Now, many will come with different questions and concerns about this topic! We have come prepared to clean up all your confusion!



Why Are Romantic Wedding Videos Important? 


The wedding day is romantic and hectic at the same time. People forget to enjoy their valuable intimate time during the day while keeping other things in order. But professional wedding videography will help you freeze the time for the rest of your life.


Our well-trained and sincere wedding video specialists will ensure you spend quality time with each other without hampering the vibe! The things you can expect from our service are:


  • Flawless candid videos

  • An excellent way to enjoy this precious day repeatedly

  • A beautiful display of the bond and love between you and your better half

Couple dancing in their Romantic Wedding Videos


If We Hire You As Our Wedding Videographer, What Do We Get?


Hiring a wedding videographer is a bit of an undertaking because you want to find the right person to do it. If you have a look at our Packages and Portfolio and decide we are the right supplier for you, we’d be so over the moon. We value our customers and their requirements. Capturing the best shot possible while remaining super stealthy is our goal. Even the bride and groom sometimes don’t notice we are there.


We offer full day filming (there are no set number of hours), travel costs are included for weddings within 100 miles of NG31 and we also do a drone service if you want.


Do Romantic Wedding Videos Last for Life?


Of course, YES! Videos from weddings, in recent times, have improved in quality and can get converted into many forms. We film every wedding with the intention of it being watched way way into the future so every shot is a classical composition, we don’t use any trendy transitions or filters that will make the film seem really dated in 5 years and we prioritise telling the story of the day over. That’s what will bring a tear to your eye.


You should not worry about its longevity. Just keep the main copy safe! We provide our videos on an online portal with the option to digitally download the videos and once you sign off on the videos we pop everything onto a usb and pop it in the post.

Wedding video keepsake box and USB with Romantic Wedding Videos included

Romantic Wedding Videos are Mood Makers: Is It True?


I have couples who say they watch their wedding every year on their anniversary and it instantaneously brings them right back to how they were feeling on the day. I’ve had couples show their wedding video to their grandparent with dementia and brought them a precious moment of connection. I’ve had couples ask for a ceremony reading to be provided on it’s own because the reader had passed away and that clip became a part of their funeral service.  What I’m getting at is a wedding video is a powerful tool that brings people together, makes people happy and  it lives on forever.


A wedding is the first chapter of married life for both promise-makers. Without a doubt, life will give them many ups and downs, but this commitment is what binds them. Sometimes couples will need a little reminding, or they’ll just need to smile together and romantic wedding video is tool a couple can have. Imagine ten years from now, you and your partner snuggling on the sofa, watching their younger selves share their first look, first kiss, first dance, first slice of cake. How precious is that?  Romantic wedding videos will be the mood makers even years after your wedding! Browse our Facebook for more details!


Final Words about Romantic Wedding Videos and Wedding Films in General


Keep the romance on wedding day fresh with our beautifully made videos. These will allow you to relive precious memories even after many years of your wedding, strengthening your bond with your partner. So, contact us soon to see if we are available to film your wedding.

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