How much does a wedding video cost?

The Showcase Package

This package is ideal for the couple who:

  1. Like the ‘previously on’ bit of drama TV shows.
  2. They make a point to read the back of the book before buying it.
  3. At museums, they see all the main paintings, walk around a bit, then go get some lunch

This package provides and in-depth summary of the wedding day. It is long enough to feature every sentimental moment, plenty of lovely stylised portrait shots, and lots of footage of your friends and family enjoying the day but it is short enough to keep their attention when you decide to show it to them. On the day your videographers are looking for balance of intimate shots (i.e family members hugging, the couple having a private moment), deep scene setting (i.e. exterior shots of the venue, dresses on display) and high energy moments of levity (ie. best man’s jokes, a wild dance floor). At the end of the day we all want this video to be a truthful representation of your wedding and not a black and white, slow-mo, music video.

The Showcase Packages

Investment = £1250

  • 1 Videographer
  • All day coverage
  • A 3 minute highlight video
  • 10-15 minute feature edit with ceremony/speech audio
  • Licenced music so you can post it without any issues
  • Final delivery of the videos in a cute keepsake box as well as on an online portal

This package is a perfect stylised summery of the day. It will allow you relive all the best bits and hear the funniest and most sentimental soundbites from the ceremony and speeches

The Thorough Package

This package is ideal for the couple who:

  1. Watch a lot of Ted Talks
  2. They don’t fast forward through the commentary during half time.
  3. Rather than microwaving a ready meal, they take their time and cook a whole Sunday roast.

This package is a 2-in-1 package actually because you get the whole Showcase package in addition to a few added extras. If you ever thought “Screw it, go big or go home” during the wedding planning process this package is for you. It gives you the ceremony and speeches in full. Be warned, crying babes or speech jokes that flop wont be cut out…you get everything as it happened. You also get to see all the footage that didn’t quite make the cut for the main Showcase video. And we relinquish all control with a hard drive full of everything we captured on the day so you can do your own edit if you wish (people have used this footage for memorial services and as apart of baby announcements). The possibilities are endless here.

The Thorough Package

Investment = £1750

  • The full Showcase Package
  • 2 videographers
  • Full multi-camera coverage of the Ceremony
  • Full multi-camera coverage of the Speeches
  • Hard drive with all the raw footage

This package is perfect for anyone who wants as much coverage as possible. You and your partner will be rewatching the extensive footage for many many years to come.

The next step is for us to chat about your wedding video

While I believe in the ‘you get what you pay for’ principle, I also don’t take the piss. My prices are based on industry leading equipment and average edit time. My aim is to be very transparent with the packages and there will be no hidden charges, or VAT. </p>


Every finished product comes delivered on a USB in a keepsake box, with a couple stills from the footage.

Long distance weddings- I am based in Nottingham but we film weddings all over the UK. If your wedding is over 100 miles from NG31 I charge an additional £300. This is so we can get a hotel nearby so there is no risk of a late arrival, and I can get home safely the next day.

London weddings- I love filming in London but it does add some logistical complications. My normal long distance charge isn’t enough to cover the expenses of a big city (hotels, parking, congestion charges, taxis and even food) so I charge £500 on top of the selected package for all London weddings.

International weddings- If you love my style and want to book me for a wedding abroad we would need to look at flights and inexpensive accommodation so it’s best to just get in touch and I can more accurately provide a quote for you.

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