4 unique wedding video packages to choose from

The Showcase Package

Investment £1250

  • 1 Videographer
  • All day coverage (no time cap)
  • Drone Footage
  • A 3 minute Highlight Video
  • 10-15 minute Feature Film with ceremony/speech audio
  • All videos can be viewed and downloaded via your own client portal

This package is by far our best seller. It is a perfect stylised summery of the day featuring all the funniest and most sentimental soundbites from the ceremony and speeches. Some people find 10-15 minutes is a bit long for co-workers or social media friends so that is why we include a shorter version.

The Thorough Package

Investment £1850

  • The Showcase Package
  • An extra videographer for fuller coverage
  • Full video of the Ceremony
  • Full video of the Speeches
  • All videos can be viewed and downloaded via your own client portal

Not only will you get the Feature Film, Highlight Video and Teaser, you'll get the ceremony and speeches as separate videos, shot using at least 3 cameras so we can deliver the best videos possible.

The Social Media Package

Investment £1000

  • 1 Videographer
  • Full day coverage (no time cap)
  • 10x 1 minute vertical videos perfect for Instagram or TikTok
  • You are in control of the theme of each video
  • Audio will be captured and music can be used or you can use whatever in-app music you want
  • Final delivery of this package will be via digital download

This package is ideal for people who want to show their friends and followers all the best bits of their wedding day. Having a designated videographer who exclusively films social media content will mean you can can share the best possible wedding videos on apps like Instagram and TikTok.

The Reflection Package

Investment £1250

  • 1 videographer on the wedding day
  • 1 videographer who will film an interview with the couple a few weeks after the wedding. This provides the voiceover for the video
  • Documentary style footage to complement the voiceover
  • The final video will be about 15 minutes long
  • The final product will be available to view and download via an online client portal

This is perfect for couples who want to tell the story of their day in a low-pressure way. Because this is a new format, it is offered at a lower rate.

Am I the right videographer for your wedding?

Believe me, I know that you have already spent a lot on your wedding and hiring a wedding videographer might seem like a huge expense. But in reality having a professionally filmed wedding video is one hell of an investment. You will watch and rewatch your wedding film for so many different reasons. You’ll use it as inspiration whilst helping your friends plan their wedding. You’ll snuggle up with the next generation to recall all the amazing ‘vintage’ clothes, you’ll watch it when you loose someone close to you who was a guest. And you’ll watch it when life gets on top of you and you need a little reminder of what’s truly important. It’s so much more than a video, it’s your memories.

Off-Peak Wedding Discount– If you are getting married between November and March I might be able to offer a discount depending on my existing workload so it’s best get in touch and we can discuss how I can help.

Long distance weddings– I am based in a town near Nottingham but I film weddings all over the UK. If your wedding is over 100 miles from NG31 I charge an additional £300. This is so I can get a hotel nearby so there is no risk of a late arrival, and I can get home safely the next day.

London weddings– I love filming in London but it does add some logistical complications. My normal long distance charge isn’t enough to cover the expenses of a big city (hotels, parking, congestion charges, taxis and even food) so I charge £500 on top of the selected package for all London weddings.

Destination weddings– If you love my style and want to book me for a wedding abroad we would need to look at flights and inexpensive accommodation so it’s best to just get in touch and I can more accurately provide a quote for you.

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