Not Your Ordinary Wedding Film: Different Types of Video To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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The engagement, the ceremony, the vows, the speeches and the rest of the reception —there is a lot to preserve! Those memories are not only crucial for you but also for your future generations as well So, why not choose the best way to share them with others?

Wedding films in Nottingham are a must when you are going to marry. They have become an integral part of the entire wedding ceremony. It lets you create a beautiful way to document your journey towards marriage.

So, contact a pro videographer like us after exploring the latest video ideas!

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Proposal Video

It can be unique if you document the moment and add it to your wedding album. Ask a pro videographer to capture your proposal. Then they can create an engagement video to announce your engagement.

Wedding Invitation Video

Video invitations are gaining acceptance these days! And it’s easy to guess why! They are attractive, versatile, and paper-free! That is why wedding guests can’t lose them! In fact, guests are more engaged to it! Your video invitations can be customised to reflect your wedding colours and theme. That way you guests can begin to experience your wedding before the big day even arrives.

Story of us video

Another attractive addition to your in your wedding is a film all about how you both. Whether you include it on your wedding website so your your long—distance relatives and old secondary school friends might not know how you fell in love, or if you play it during your reception, this type of video is bound to build an even stronger impression of your wedding day

Sure, you could do a bullet point list of where you had your first date or when they proposed but a professionally shot video will really elevate the story and it also helps attract the attendees. Plus, this kind of video is a great addition to a wedding website, Facebook group or family Whatsapp group.

Wedding Ceremony Same Day Edit

It can be the best idea to create a video to play during your reception. This is a great way for your guests to relive the experience or allow your evening guests to feel like they were there for the whole day. Large screens can usually be provided by the venue or consider projecting it on a wall outside. That always adds a touch of grandeur and it personalised the venue even more.

Talk to your videographer and see if they have they skillset to turn around as this is a bit of tricky task. Maybe invest in an extra videographer so they can capture the reception while the other videographer is editing.


Wrapping Up!

Are you looking for the most skilled videographers for wedding films in Nottingham? Only rely upon the experts with an extensive track record to deliver the kind of wedding film you have in mind. We aim to film the whole day with expert-level cinematography, so you don’t miss a thing. We try to make creative and fun wedding videos that add the most fabulous elements to your love story.

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