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A Perfect Half-Asian, Half-British Wedding on the Norfolk Coast

Play Video about bride and groom snuggled up in the garden at their Titchwell Manor Wedding

Tulika and Michael got married on what might have been the hottest day in British history, but that didn’t stop them from having the best day! Tulika is Indian and Michael is English so they knew that their wedding celebration needed to represent both cultures. So they planned a totally unique 3 day event that included:


  • a welcome garden party

  • Sangeet (a dance show by those closest to the couple)

  • Haldi (guests bless the couple with a turmeric paste)

  • Baraat (groom’s side sing and dance their way to the ceremony space)

  • Jai Mala (exchange of garlands for the couple and their families)

  • A traditional hindu ceremony

  • A western-style reception with mingling, speeches, and a sit-down meal

  • The most epic dance party with English and Indian hits

  • The final day was a casual beach day, to wind down from all the festivities

What Wedding Video Package
Did They Order?


Tulika is the perfect example of, ‘if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask’. She got in touch about 6 months before her wedding saying wanted a wedding video but didn’t want anything over the top. She liked my colourful video style but she knew all of her events would not fit into a 15 minute highlight video, and she really wanted the Sangeet in full. So her bespoke package included a 30 minute summary video (though it ended up quite a bit longer because there were bits I loved so much I just couldn’t cut them out), a 3 minute version of the wedding film for social media/people who wouldn’t want to sit through hours of content, a teaser video, and the full Sangeet. 

Here is the full length video. Be warned. It is very long.
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After I delivered the first version of their wedding video, they asked if they could have the speeches too. Typically when I know I’m delivering speeches, I insist on having a second videographer there with me because it is so important to get multiple angles, but on this occasion I was able to put a simple edit together for them. 

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My Experience on the Wedding Day

I got up early and drove to Brancaster Beach to start the day with some scene setting drone shots of the coastline. Their wedding venue was only a mile or so from the beach so After I got enough, I headed over just to scope it out. I met Katie from Style and Wonder who was in charge of the florals and event styling. The reason why the video looks so good is down to her, so I’m in her debt. And I met Amy, the events coordinator from Titchwell Manor . Can I just say, when you are booking your wedding venue, pay attention to how on it the coordinator and general team are. How quickly do they respond to emails? Are they busy or are they waiting around? The team at Titchwell Manor were exceptional. So friendly and it was like a well oiled machine.


Back to filming. I started getting scene setting shots and the guests started to arrive. The next few hours were focused around getting loads of happy mingling shots. Then it was the Sangeet. I had never filmed a Sangeet before and it was a bit of a challenge. Thankfully the photographer Aabha flew all the way from India to photograph this wedding so she talked me through what to expect. It was a long show of dances and skits performed by the couple’s friends and family. It called for multiple cameras, multiple speakers, main mics, back up mics, changing light and it was well over an hour long. It was a videographer’s nightmare. This is where my anxiety really pays off because I prepare for every piece of equipment failure. Thank god I did because my plan of taking an audio feed from the AV system was totally blown out. Thankfully, everyone had lapel mics on so I got nice clean audio.  The video turned out really sweet in the end.

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That night I stayed at a nearby hotel and I couldn’t sleep because I was so amped up from all the excitement of the day. Also it turns out that I had filmed way more than I thought so in the morning I had to drive into the nearest city (nearly an hour away) to buy more camera cards.


I arrived back at Titchwell, just as the guests were assembling for the Haldi. I knew this bit of the video would be a montage so I had a lot more flexibility. Tulika and Michael needed to scrub all the turmeric off so I had a few hours to get shots of ceremony space being assembled  followed by a fair bit of down time.

Aerial shot of guests at a Haldi wedding celebration at Titchwell Manor.

The guests started to assemble for the baraat. Michael’s friends and family were going to start at one end of the property and, with the help of a Dhol drummer, dance their way over to the ceremony space. Again this was a montage so I could get loads of little clips. My go-to style is very clean, not overly handheld so the movement of this scene was a challenge but I made it work. 


The priest facilitated a garland exchange for the families then Tulika made her big entrance. Tulika and Michael exchanged garlands, followed by a traditional hindu wedding ceremony. Most of which was in hindi but the important bits were translated for the english-speaking guests. The ceremony concluded over an hour later and I was desperate for a bit of shade.

The rest of the day was more within my comfort zone. A reception of people mingling, some beautiful portraits in the garden, a bunch of speeches and a well deserved meal. 


The party portion of the day was really special. High energy and the perfect mix of bops from both western and eastern cultures. Everyone was in such a good mood and so much of that can be pinned to the incredible DJ Dee Once I felt like I had enough footage, I snuck off into the night, and headed home knowing that I had one hell of an edit job on my hands.

In Conclusion

Overall it was such a special experience getting to film their unique wedding. The two of them as a couple were just so sweet, and their families were so kind and welcoming. I swear there is nothing better than filming people who are just beaming with love.


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