Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Is Wedding Videography Worth The Cost?

When budgeting for a wedding things can seem so expensive. What’s worse is when time goes on and spending gets a little out of control the thought of spending thousands of pounds on anything seems crazy.


A good but not crazy luxury wedding video is going to set you back between £1500 to £2000. That’s a lot of money. And to some people it might seem like a lot of money for something that we can film ourselves on our iPhones. With mostly everything to do with weddings, there are DIY alternatives. But you are paying for the experience of the videographer, their time, their equipment, and you are paying for the fact that this job is not on your plate. It is in safe hands.


Hi I’m Ellyn, a wedding videographer based out of Nottingham (but I film all over the UK) and I’m here to tell you why wedding videography is 100% worth the cost. Here are a couple of my wedding films so you can see that I know what I’m talking about. 

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Why Do Wedding Videos Cost So Much?

There is a spectrum. If you look hard enough you can find a videographer to film your wedding for £500. It wont be good but you’ll be able to rewatch the wedding over and over again. If you are aren’t fussy about style then by all means. Here is a little blog I put together with some really great money saving tips when hiring a wedding videographer.  But if you are putting a lot of time, effort and money into this wedding do you really want it captured poorly? As my Granddad would say “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right”.



When I calculate the cost of my wedding video packages I need to think about some cold hard facts. The cost of running my business. From the subscriptions I need to edit, the cost of my website, video hosting, bills for maintaining my studio, insurance, etc. Then I think about the cost of my equipment. Good videos need good equipment, and good equipment costs a lot. Then I think about the man hours. Marketing enough to get enquiries, pre-sale calls/emails, venue research and shoot prep, the filming day itself, and the arduous task of editing. We are talking weeks of editing alone. 



While there are videographers out there who charge £5000 for a wedding video, I feel like that takes the piss a bit. They could be incredibly talented and have cinema-grade cameras but is that necessary. I charge what is fair, what I am worth, and what is not going to break the bank for most couples. 

bride and groom smiling for confetti shot during wedding video
Mandap at Titchewell Manor shot with a drone for wedding video
bride and groom smiling for wedding video

When will I watch the wedding video again?

Truthfully, you might watch the video 50 times. And that’s generous. But overtime your reasons for watching the wedding video become so much more weighted. In the early years you watch it because you love it, because you want to remember the day, because you want to remember how beautiful you looked. Then your friends get married and you want to show them what you did for your wedding. Then you show your kids. By this time the wedding was a long time ago. Life gets bloody hard and maybe you need a little reminder of what was said on that day and what is truly important in this world. Maybe loved one’s pass away and this wedding video is the only video you have of them, maybe it’s the only way you can hear their voice again. 



It’s not just a video. It’s your memories. It’s your people. What is more valuable than that? So when I get asked, “is wedding videography worth it?” my only response is, “it’s worth every penny!”



If you are interested in booking us to film your wedding video please get in touch!! 

bride and ggroom laughing in a field during their wedding film
wedding guests gather outside tipi wedding venue
bride and groom snuggled up in the garden at their Titchwell Manor Wedding

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