How many hours will a videographer stay?

I have a problem the time. I get really anxious if I’m not super early. I don’t sleep well the night before if I know I have something important the next day. It’s a problem for my everyday life but for wedding videography it works in my favour.

Some videographers will specify a number of hours that they will shoot. Some more builder packages around starting at the ceremony. But my philosophy is I can go when the story’s been told and it’s better to have too much than not enough. I’m going to outline my schedule for a typical wedding for you.

Day before- Check the batteries are charged, format cards, get petrol, pack some emergency snacks.

5am- Can’t sleep because I’m too excited so I might as well start getting ready. Looking put together on your wedding day is an important thing to me. If you overlook the camera, I look just like a wedding guest.

6:30am- Pack the car and hit the road.

8:30am- arrive at the venue and have a nosey around, suss out potential locations.

9:00am- get drone shots (if possible) before there are too many cars in the lot

10:00am- Arrive in the bridal suite, make my introductions and start filming bridal bits (dress, shoes, jewellery)

10:45am- Once everyone is happy for me to do so, I start filming people get ready.

1:00pm- I move locations and prep for the ceremony, set up tripods, mic everyone up

1:30pm- ceremony followed by confetti shot, mingling, couple’s portraits

3:45pm- set up in the reception room for the couple’s entrance and speeches

4:30pm- the meal is served. I can sit down for the first time.

6:30pm- more mingling shots, evening guests arriving

7:30pm- cake cutting, first dance

8:00pm- disco. I say I film for 30 minutes after the first dance but if the party is really good and I’m getting good footage I’m not going to leave. Also if the dance floor clears out or if your guests are too drunk and wouldn’t want to be remembered that way, I wrap early.

10:00pm- Sparklers and fireworks or the couple’s send off. Typically I leave once I get enough dancing shots however if the couple are planning something special later in the evening of course I’m going to stick around for that.

10:15pm-pack down and drive home

12:00am- arrive home and immediately take a shower and collapse in bed.

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