Hoar Cross Hall Musical Theatre Themed Wedding Video

Londoners Racheal and Charlie got married at Burton-Upon-Trent’s stunning Hoar Cross Hall Hotel and Spa in July of 2019. Working in the theatre, and having many-a-talented friend to call upon this wedding had musical theatre touches all through out the day. They had:

  • Beautiful singers performing during the ceremony and for the first dance.

  • A seemingly normal looking wedding cake that when spun around revealed a intricate Hamilton design.

  • An intermission costume change (by that I mean she had 2 fabulous dresses)

  • There was a video tribute from Racheal’s students and castmates

  • And at some point there were sombreros. I’m not 100% certain how they fit in but they were fun and added a bit more character to this wedding (not that it needed it)

Filming at Hoar Cross Hall was such a delight. Not only is it stunning and there are plenty of fabulous locations to capture but the help I got from the staff was unparalleled. Normally, venue staff have so much going on they cant think about the photographer or videographer but they offered me drinks and let me know when the room was set up so I could get empty room shots.

It was so convenient having the ceremony and reception all in one place. It always is. But with Hoar Cross Hall it feels like it is multiple locations.

  • The ceremony and breakfast took place in a ballroom

  • Cocktails were had on the terrace in a garden environment

  • Portraits were done in fields and forests

  • The reception moved to bar-type area with dim lighting and lots of patio space.

  • And having the salon on-site was a welcome surprise. Most of the time all the bridesmaids are hovering over the same mirror in a hotel room.

All in all, Hoar Cross Hall is a fabulous venue in which to get married. Racheal and Charlie had an absolutely unforgettable wedding and it was such a privilege to be apart of it.


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