Wedding Film Preparation: Grantham Wedding Videography Rules

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Grantham is such an amazing place to grow up, move to, or even get married in. That’s why I am proud to be a Grantham Wedding Videographer! I live right off Dysart Park and I love filming wedding around these parts. Please check out my website to learn more about why it is essential to choose a Grantham based Wedding Videographer.  A wedding is one of the glorious phases of life, and people want it to be perfect in every aspect. But what if you cannot relive this day in any possible way? Believe it or not, you will regret it after a few years. And so, going for professional wedding videography is worth your investment. Your wedding is going to be be so amazing but it’ll also go by in a flash so having a wedding videographer will help you relive the day over and over again. If you are interested in seeing the kind of work I do please click below!

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But before going a head and booking all your Grantham wedding suppliers,  you should focus on a few preparation tips. Read the rest of the blog carefully to learn the golden tips no one tells

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Fool proof Ideas to Prepare for Flawless Grantham Wedding Videography

Let’s take a closer look at the following ideas and make your wedding day special with professional-grade videography service.

1. Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

It’s obviously the first step in wedding planning and Grantham has loads of stunning venues to choose from. But consider the indoor and outdoor seating options, the size of the bar/ bar staff, if the catering is done in house or not and it’s proximity to parking and hotels. Also if it has lot of natural light and maybe a second floor or balcony, that could come in handy for group shots or just a bit of shot variation through out the day.

Whether you have chosen a community hall, a church, or a big stately home, it would be helpful for the videographers to understand what type of style will be perfect for you.

2. Know What You Want

Not everyone wants their wedding to be the same so do your research. Our ideal clients know what they want and express whatever they expect from our service. If you know what you want then you’ll know when a supplier is unable to meet your expectations.  For example you go into a dress shop knowing your budget, the silhouette you think you’d like and maybe some style’s you want to avoid. Well when you approach a videographer you should know if you want a summary of the day or the long drawn out version, only a couple hours filming, or you want to surprise Grandma with the video for her birthday in 2 weeks, will it be done by then. Having your requirements will help narrow down who the best supplier is for you and your wedding

3. Prepare for the Wedding Dress

Wedding dress, background, vibe, and theme of the wedding party- everything plays an essential role in the videos. So, ensure you have prepared everything right to get the best outcome. In this case, you may also consult the professionals. Think about the weight of the dress, if the beading or lace will chafe your arms, if you cant sit down or if you can stand to be in wedding shoes all night or if you need a pair of cute wedding slippers hidden somewhere.

When I got married I had a registry office ceremony with 6 guests and lunch at a near by restaurant and by hour 2 I was aching to get out of the dress and into some sweatpants. I genuinely don’t know how proper brides do it all day.

4. Feel Comfortable from Within

Remember, what you feel from the inside will reflect on your face. So, feeling comfortable and calm is necessary during the session. We understand how hectic this day will be for you. But we suggest you be yourself and feel the moments from the bottom of your heart without any worries. If that means having a coupe drinks, so be it! but wait for after the shots of you and your partner have been captured.

5. Research a bit about the Wedding Videography Styles

Are you seeking something unique and creative in your wedding videography service? Do not forget to tell the professionals about your specifications! Invest your money in the professionals who specialise in your preferred videography genre. There’s the old adage ‘ buy cheap, buy twice’ and when it comes to your wedding you wont have another opportunity to get better photos or better entertainment or a better wedding videographer so when you find someone you like just book them and rejiggle the budget in other areas. Otherwise, you will not feel the satisfaction you wish to have.

6. Select the Correct Wedding Suppliers

You’ll be so happy you did your preparation when you find the right suppliers for you.  So for now just start with a broad google search of all the best wedding suppliers in Grantham. Once you have found one who you trust, ask them who they recommend. Ask your friends who filmmed their wedding or who did their hair. It is honestly such a complement and people are happy to share their secrets. Take the proper time to perform this task. This is your wedding, don’t rush it.

Final Words!

Well! If you like the blog, please let us know! We would love to offer you the best wedding videography service to make your wedding one of the most memorable days. We film flawless and top-quality videos Wedding videos in Grantham and beyond and it would be so so great to be able to work with you. We love knowing that the wedding films that we create for our clients allow them to cherish their wedding for the rest of their lives. So, contact us to discuss what you have planned for your Grantham Wedding!

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