Civil Wedding Videos and the Outfits That Made Them Stand Out.

There are really no fashion tips to follow when opting for a civil ceremony. You may choose to go more casual and wear a mini dress to look appealing in your civil ceremony wedding video. Or you can select a gown or a stylish maxi dress for your BIG DAY. We have filmed so many civil wedding ceremonies and have seen all sorts of amazing outfits.

Here, we have suggested some of our favourite options that can make your video stand out.

6 Civil Ceremony Wedding Outfit Ideas For An Outstanding Video!

White Lace Short Sleeve Midi Dress

It is a great casual option for all couples who wish to get held a civil ceremony wedding. The white lace short sleeve midi dress is also super versatile and appropriate for almost any season. We prefer sheer cap sleeves and a rounded top. It is this ideal for a bride who wants nothing too revealing.

Feather-Trimmed Crepe Mini Dress

Look modern but want a traditional feel? Opt for this mini dress that comes with feather detailing on the sleeves. It makes your attire funny and stylish.

Pick a dress with a tiny bow detail made of a stretchy crepe material looks gorgeous on a bride.

Marlina Dress

Do you want something more dramatic but not a gown? Opt for this fun mini dress. The removable skirt acts like a long, billowing train that will get looked stunning in the videos. So when you wish to let loose, you can take it off and spend the day wearing the classic off-the-shoulder dress.

The Knit Dress

It is just perfect for the more casual winter bride! This knit midi dress is a versatile option for many experts. These get made of a luxe Italian knit for a close fit, so you can enjoy the elegance it offers.

Off-The-Shoulder Evening Dress

Some brides prefer a more casual look for a civil ceremony, while others choose to be just as formal as they would for a big ceremony. Fortunately, there’s no right or wrong.

If you want to be more casual, this type of gown is a beautiful choice. The off-the-shoulder tulle sleeves can make you look gorgeous.

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Floral Romper

A romper is casual and unexpected! It is a great summer ceremony ensemble! Look for a piece that has a ruffled neckline and delicate jacquard fabric. So, you look gorgeous in your wedding video!

Wrapping Up!

Are you looking for the most skilled videographers to film your civil ceremony wedding? Contact us for the same! We aim to capture the whole day in all its glory. We like to arrive as early as possible and spend at least an hour getting preparation shots, so your wedding dress or outfit will be captured beautifully. A super stylised dress shot is always a nice feature in our wedding videos.

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