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10 Unexpected and Romantic as Hell Ceremony Readings

  When you film as many weddings as I do, things can get a bit repetitive. The same songs, the same googled best man jokes and the same ceremony readings over and over again. Now there is nothing wrong with the 1 Corinthian "Love is Patient, Love is kind" verse or Scaffolding by Seamus Heaney but the last thing you want is for your guests to think 'this ceremony reading, again?". So I have collated some of my all time favourite wedding readings. The ones that caught me off guard and ultimately made the couple's wedding video all the more…

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Romantic Wedding Videos

    Romantic Wedding Videos Start When You Hire a Wedding Videographer Who Really Leans Into The Lovey-dovey Side of Your Big Day   Getting married with a kiss of love, in your beloved's arms, looking at each other with passionate eyes, wearing designed dresses, sharing romantic moments: do not you want to save these memories? If yes, then come to us for professional-grade romantic wedding videos.   Now, many will come with different questions and doubts about this topic! We have come prepared to clean up all your confusion! So stick to our blog!   My quick sales pitch:…

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