3 Requests That Will Improve Your Video

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Something will go wrong. Hopefully that something is small and you don’t care all that much, but let’s discuss some very simple requests you can make that will help mitigate the risk of a mistake appearing on camera.

“Would you all be upstanding”

This is often said during the couple’s first entrance into the reception room and during the speeches before a toast. However, when everyone stands they block the cameras. So if you are looking for a video of the speeches and this line is said, inevitably there will be a shot of people’s backs and the videographer will be scrambling to get a better shot. It is better for the video if the MC makes a statement about staying seated for toasts and when the couple enter. It won’t feel any different and usually by the 5th time your guests need to ‘be upstanding’ they are over it.  Here is an examplle of how messy it can be. Thankfully this is just one angle of many, but still it never looks clean.

“This is an unplugged ceremony”

Before the ceremony is about to begin the officiant will make a quick speech which usually includes a “please silence your phones” type of instruction. It is extra special when they say something to the effect of “Sam and Sally have hired some talented photographers and videographers to capture every moment so please be present and avoid taking pictures or video during the ceremony”. This is so important because of course your relatives want to take pictures of you, but they can get in the way and sometimes ruin a really important shot.

“We want to see you all on the dance floor”

During the speeches it is helpful if someone mentions the dancing portion and how important it is to you. Far too many weddings have the first dance, followed by the couple waving everyone else on for a song and then people disperse (including the couple). After that happens is it really hard to get the party going again. Dancing shots end most wedding videos so it is important to ensure there is enough footage so the couple should shay on the dance floor for at least a couple songs and do their best to coerce their guests into dancing.

There you go, 3 really simple things you could ask of your guests that will improve the quality of your wedding video. Hope this helps. Happy planning.

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